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  • Are your Title 24 reports 2016 California Title 24 Energy Code Compliant and will it be accepted by my City Building Department?
    All our reports are in accordance with the 2016 California Title 24 Energy Code and acceptable by building departments across California. We use the latest version of EnergyPro, the California State approved Energy Compliance software and all our reports are computer generated, watermarked and ready for submission. We have completed hundreds of projects across California and in every county and climate zone of California.
  • Do you use California state approved computer compliance software for Title 24 energy calculations?
    Yes, we only use the latest version of EnergyPro, the leading California State Approved compliance software for Title 24 calculations
  • Are your Title 24 reports registered and water marked?
    Yes, all our residential Title 24 reports are registered with CHEERS, the California State approved HERS provider, are watermarked and ready to be submitted.
  • Do you use the performance approach to achieve Title 24 energy compliance?
    Yes, for almost all Title 24 compliance projects we use the performance approach to ensure maximum flexibility and cost advantage to the client. Only if it might be cheaper for the client to pass with prescriptive specifications, would we use the prescriptive approach.
  • What geographical area do you serve?
    We are an online service serving all of California with personalised service and quick turnaround time. We engage with you over email, call and send the final Title 24 report to you over email. You pay us on receiving the Title 24 report via card, echeck or PayPal.
  • What occupancy types and project types do you provide the Title 24 report for?
    We provide the Title 24 report for Single Family Residences, Multi-family Residences and Non Residential Projects. We currently do not take up high rise (more than 3 floors excluding basement) and hotel/motel occupancy type projects. In the above occupancy types we take up all sort of project scope including New Constructions, Additions, Alterations, HVAC changeouts, Lighting Alterations, etc.
  • What details do I need to send you to start work on my Title 24 report? How do I send it across?
    -> We require the the Architectural plans- Floor plan, Window and Door Schedule, Ceiling height, preferably also the Elevations, Sections -> Information on the Project Name, Address and Zip, Primary Heating Source (Natural Gas/ Propane/ Electric with Natural Gas NOT available on Site/ Electric with Natural Gas available on Site), HVAC Type (Gas Furnace/ With or without Cooling/ Ducted Heatpump/ Ductless mini-Split/ Gas Wall heater), Duct Location (Attic/ Conditioned Space/ Crawlspace/ Garage/ Outside) and Water Heater Type (Gas Storage/ Gas Tank less/ Heatpump/ Electric Storage/ Electric Instantaneous). -> For Non-Residential projects we additionally also require the concerned MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) sheets. -> You can initiate the request via our website by clicking on the "Initiate request for Title 24" button. It will direct you to a form where you can fill in the important details mentioned above and upload the project plans as PDFs. -> You can also send us an email with the details and plan PDFs at and please feel free to give us a call at 714-888-4736 in case of any other questions or concerns.
  • What is the process after I send you the project details?
    -> Once we receive the details, we immediately start scoping out the details from the plans and then move onto modeling the project into the state approved compliance software. We send you a email or call confirming that we have started work on the project along with the pricing and timeline details by the end of the day. -> By the next day morning we get onto call with you to discuss the status of the compliance of the project and discuss the possible options to achieve compliance. Collectively, we can decide what option makes most sense keeping cost, build-ability, availability and aesthetics into account. Once we finalize on the building specs we work with you or your designated responsible person (can be designer, builder or home-owner, see point 7 below) to sign off and register the report. -> Once we have the report registered, we send the PDF of the registered, watermarked report over to your email in 8.5x11 and 24x36 size PDFs. After a day or so we also send across an online payment request for your to complete the payment for the service. -> After you receive the report, we are always available for any assistance and take up any revisions or corrections throughout the project cycle. Your long term comfort and satisfaction is our utmost priority!
  • How quickly will I receive the Title 24 report documents after initiating the request via your website or emailing you?
    Once we have all the information about the project, we get back next day morning with the results of the analysis and the possible options to get comply with the Title 24 standards. Then it is up to the client to approve the updated building specifications and then digitally sign off on the Title 24 report. Typically, this entire process can take 1 or 2 days, or longer basis the time client might take to approve the building specifications. At our end we assure you to get back with the analysis results on a next day basis and try our best to also be within the timeline you mention to us when you upload the plans onto our website.
  • What if my project does not comply at first? Do you provide multiple options and consultation to achieve compliance with the Title 24 standards?
    Yes, we always provide multiple options to achieve compliance and work with you to narrow down on the most cost effective and buildable building specifications with which we are able to comply.
  • If I have an Addition only, can you run the analysis for the Addition area alone rather than for the entire house?"
    We generally always start with an Addition only analysis. But in almost all cases we require to also include the existing home into the analysis to have the overshooting loads spread across a larger area and also to make adjustments to the existing area. We thus run an existing + addition or alteration analysis. For this we might require the square footage, wall areas and window areas of the existing house to model it in entirely. We would require the same of you if need be.
  • Would we receive the Title 24 PDF in 24x36 size?
    Yes, we provide the Title 24 report PDF in 24x36 and 8.5x11 size at no additional cost. Additionally, we can also provide the 24x36 CAD file, Tiff files as requested.
  • Could you help me with the HVAC equipment sizing?
    Yes, we always provide along the HVAC load calculations as part of our Title 24 report PDF without any additional cost. These include the sizing of the HVAC.
  • Do you do HERS Testing?
    No we do not do HERS testing but we can refer you to the concerned person in your area. You can also look up HERS testers in your area on the HERS providers website here.
  • Building Department requires the CF2R and CF3R forms for my Residential project. Can you provide the same?
    There are typically 3 types of compliance forms required for Residential projects, basis the scope of the project. The CF1R (Certificate of Compliance) is what is required at the time of permit application. This is the certificate that we provide. It certifies that the building design complies with the Title 24 standards. The CF2R (Certificate of Installation) and CF3R (Certificate of HERS Verification) are both typically required after the permit is granted and are to be provided by the builder/contractor and HERS verified respectively. For a list of certified HERS rates, please visit the HERS provider website here.
  • The Building Department requires the NRCI and NRCA forms for my Non-Residential project. Can you provide the same?
    There are typically 3 types of compliance forms required for Non-Residential projects, basis the scope of the project. The NRCC (Non Residential Certificate of Compliance) is what is required at the time of permit application. This is the certificate that we provide. The NRCI (Non Residential Certificate of Installation) and NRCA (Non Residential Certificate of Acceptance) forms are both typically required after the permit is granted and are to be provided by the builder/contractor and acceptance technician respectively. For a list of certified Acceptance Technicians, please go to the California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program website here.
  • Who signs on the Title 24 report?
    The Title 24 report requires the sign off of the documentation author (we as the Title 24 consultant) and the responsible person (can be the designer, contractor or homeowner-builder). Please see attached blueprint to know more.
  • Why do I need to create an account on CHEERS or sign off on the Title 24 report?
    The Title 24 report requires to be digitally signed off on by the Title 24 consultant (us) and the responsible person as mentioned in the question above. For this purpose, the responsible person needs to create an account on the CHEERS website ( if they don't have one already, to enable the sign off.
  • What if the building department has any issue with your Title 24 report and does not accept it?
    If the building department gets back with any comments or has an issue with anything on the Title 24 report, we take it up for correction within 2 working days without any additional cost.
  • What if I require to revise my building design which in turn would require to revise the Title 24 report?
    Most cases, any revision to building design concerning the envelope, mechanical or plumbing would also require to be reflected in the Title 24 report. Thus, in such cases we take up the revision at a small revision fee within 2 working days of you sharing the updated details with us over email. The revision fee ranges from $30 onwards for most revisions.
  • When do I pay for your services? How do I pay?
    We send an online payment request to you after completion of the Title 24 report. We appreciate you complete the payment via card or echeck or PayPal within the next 2-3 days of receiving the request.
  • I can't pay with card, eCheck or PayPal. Do you accept check?"
    Yes, we do. But we would prefer digital payments

(714) 888-4736 .

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