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Why is the detached ADU shown as an Addition on the Title 24 when both are not attached physically?

Similar Question: Why is the floor area of the main home mentioned on the Title 24 report when this is a detached garage conversion to ADU?

Per the Title 24 energy code and bulletin Issue 122 January - March 2018 of the California Energy commission, all detached garage conversions and attached ADUs are to be modelled and complied as Additions to the main residence on the lot. This allows compliance with more lenient specifications and hence is beneficial to the homeowner from a cost save perspective.

This is why we have taken the ADU as an Addition to the main home with the floor areas of the ADU and the main residence both modelled into the compliance calculations. Please also see attached the above referenced blue print along with the concerned area highlighted in yellow.

CEC-400-2018-007 - Is my ADU an Addition or New Construction
Download PDF • 451KB

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Also, any Additions (unlike New Constructions) do not trigger the solar power requirements of the Title 24 energy code. Thus these ADUs do not require solar.

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